Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boston and Book Promotion

Boston is hot today. It's 73 degrees in Boston as I write this, and the weather forecasters say that the temperature could reach 100 degrees in Boston (and in other parts of Massachusetts).

So what's a book publicist (or an author or a book publisher) to do? Pitch a heat-related story to the Boston media outlets, of course!

Think about whether your expertise can inform those who are facing the beginning of Boston's summer season in terms of healthcare, education, sports, real estate, workplace, parenting, entertainment, and the like -- and pitch your story to the Boston media outlets. That can get you coverage, particularly if you're a Boston-based author or publisher.

If you're book promotion campaign is focused on other parts of the country, then note that there's a heatwave in many major metro areas ... and plan your book publicity efforts accordingly. This book publicist loves heat, and she loves summertime story ideas, and she's ready to dive in -- pun intended!

Stacey J. Miller is a book promotion specialist and founder of S. J. Miller Communications. Visit her at (connecting with her on Facebook or Twitter is strictly optional)

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