Saturday, June 17, 2006

Book Promotion Times Three

This idea was new to me. Instead of trying to arrange a book signing at a local bookstore, why not ask a couple of other authors to share a book signing with you? Annie's Book Stop of Sharon, Massachusetts is hosting a triple autograph party today for three novelists: Becky Motew, Marianne Mancusi, and Hannah Howell. You can read about it here.

That's smart.

If an unknown novelist, tries to set up a book signing, the events manager at the bookstore will ask her to quantify the number of people she'll bring into the store. If she can't guarantee a crowd, she won't be invited to have a book signing at that store.

But if an unknown novelist finds a couple of other unknown novelists in the area, and they set up a joint signing, that's a different matter. Together, they'll (theoretically, anyway) bring in three times the number of shoppers and make it worth the bookstore's while to host the event.

If you've been trying to set up a local bookstore signing and have been frustrated by the event nanager's lack of enthusiasm, consider ramping up your book promotion efforts by finding another author or two to join you. Together, you can pitch the bookstore on a book signing (or "autograph party," and together, you might get the results you're seeking.