Friday, December 13, 2013

Book Promotion on Twitter

Although traditional book publicists still think of book reviews as mainly appearing in newspapers, magazines, and journals, there are also online opportunities to get book reviews. I like to approach book review bloggers whether or not I'm setting up a blog tour for authors and publishers. Bloggers are the obvious, most reachable book reviewers. However, there is also another book review venue to consider: Twitter.

David Duhr, a self-described "Austin dude," wrote a wonderful column for Publishing Perspectives about the etiquette of Twitter book reviews (from both perspectives: that of the author, and that of the reviewer). Take a peek at David Duhr's brief bio so you can see where his advice is coming from.

Duhr's column might encourage you to start, or nurture, your relationships with Twitter book reviewers as part of your book promotion campaign. If you tweet -- read David Duhr's column, and start integrating Twitter into your book promotion campaign today!