Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Being Clever About Book Promotion

In general, it's difficult for me to encourage authors to arrange bookstore appearances. The old model of bookstore signings is old and tired -- and ripe to be revitalized by someone who's serious about book promotion.

Enter Gerard Bianco.

This was the problem, and you're probably familiar with it.

Bookstore managers aren't interested in setting them up except for "big name" authors. Potential buyers aren't interested in attending. And it's frustrating and demoralizing for authors to perform a reading for eight bored people -- if authors are lucky enough to have eight people show up for the reading.

But here's a story from about an author whose innovative approach to book promotion (and bookstore appearances) caught my attention, and I hope it gives you some ideas for moving forward with a new type of bookstore appearance, too.

Gerard Bianco, author of a mystery book titled, The Deal Master, doesn't read from his novel at bookstore appearances. He entertains the crowd with a fast-paced multimedia presentation, complete with sound effects appropriate for his murder-mystery theme. He captivates potential book buyers and makes them glad they took the time to come out and see him.

Bianco's example of how to make bookstore appearances exciting for everybody is worth noting. He proves that bookstore appearances can be part of a successful, exciting bookstore campaign...for every author who's willing to put innovation into the book tour.