Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here's How to Garner Instant Book Promotion

Here's how to garner an instant book promotion opportunity. Sell your book to a producer who creates a successful film best upon your book, and then have that film be nominated for an Oscar. There you have it: a chance to create buzz about your book.

USA Today reports that six of the nine movies that were nominated for best picture Oscars this year were based upon books. Those movies are: "The Descendants," "Hugo," "The Help," "Moneyball," "War Horse," and "Extremely Loud & IncrediblyClose." Last year (USA Today reports), ten movies were nominated for best picture Oscars, and half of them were based on books.

So if you want your book's title on everyone's lips (and all over everyone's social networking pages and emails), simply focus on having someone turn your book into an Oscar-worthy film. Failing that, do what the rest of us have learned works best: conduct a book promotion campaign that blends the best of traditional book promotion and online book promotion strategies, and maintain your efforts for as long as they're productive, cost effective, and enjoyable. Book promotion campaigns work -- perhaps not as well as having your book-to-film project nominated for an Oscar, but still, book promotion campaigns do work.