Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Book promotion requires...

Book publicists get to do a lot of exciting things, and this book publicist isn't complaining about them. However, book promotion also requires computer and telephone time -- that's butt-in-the-chair time -- and, therefore, book promotion requires a good, comfortable chair.

In all the time that I've been a book promotion specialist, I've been using an armless, nearly backless, drafting chair to sit at my computer desk. Guess what? Those days are about to come to an end. Tomorrow, a high-backed, ergonomically-correct manager's chair should arrive from Staples.

I seldom treat myself to the luxuries of office life (I'd still be using my monochrome CRT monitor, if it were up to me), but just this once, I thought I'd grab what my back and legs needed. Book promotion requires creativity and hard work, and both creativity and hard work require a chair that one can actually sit in without adding chair cushions for height, padding, or better positioning.

My book promotion clients will thank me. I just wish one of them would offer to swing by tomorrow and assemble my chair for me.