Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Promotion by Doodle

Can you doodle your way to a successful book promotion campaign? A free doodle app and web site called lets you launch a free (do you enjoy the concept of "free" book promotion as much as this book publicist does?) contest for readers and fans of your book. You can read more about how this doodling for book promotion idea works at GalleyCat. In short, though, you ask readers to doodle sketches related to your novel or nonfiction book for a chance to win prizes. The success of a book promotion campaign relies heavily on social networking to get readers excited about participating in the contest -- thus, creating buzz for your book.

And speaking of book promotion, there's good news for those of us who live in Greater Boston. Parts of Massachusetts (hopefully, that will include my part of Massachusetts) can expect to see thundershowers this afternoon and, with that, a cold front will approach. That means the three-day heatwave will come to an end. For those authors, publishers, and book publicists who are based in New England and have pitched a heatwave-related story to the media, does that mean your story idea is dead in the water. On the contrary...Massachusetts (and New England) residents have long known that, once summertime begins, it's only a question of time until the next heatwave settles in. That means there will be ample opportunities to get media coverage if you can relate your book, and your expertise, to the summertime weather. So congratulations, Boston, on the approach of cooler weather. But do not fear. Your chance to pitch summertime stories to the media continues....