Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Book Promotion When the Time Is Right

It's so simple to self-publish a book that, according to a thoughtful Forbes article, it's tempting for many authors to move forward to quickly. According to Forbes, authors are using social networking to promote books that aren't ready for book promotion campaigns. Worse, authors are social networking to connect with book designers, literary agents, publishers, and others in the book publishing industry to move forward their book publishing project when, unfortunately, their books aren't ready for publication. The only thing more embarrassing than publishing a book that's not ready to be published is having your intended readership learn, through your book promotion campaign, that you've had the bad judgment to publish your not-ready-for-prime-time book. Running your manuscript through spell check isn't enough. You have to have your book professionally edited and, in some cases, you might even be well advised to get some help in turning your manuscript from a mediocre manuscript into a polished, professional manuscript that will help you establish credibility and build your brand.

I was scanning Amazon's Kindle bestseller list recently and happened upon a novel that tempted me until I read the reviews. To paraphrase one readers review, "Come on, everyone. Cut the author some slack. Don't be so hard on him. This is his first novel. Could you do as well your first time? So what if it isn't perfect. It's still a valiant first effort." Do I want to read a novelist's first effort? Maybe, if that novelist is J.D. Salinger. Otherwise, not so much.

So Forbes's article is right on target. Self-publishing can be a terrific opportunity to disseminate your messages, sell your products or services, and set yourself apart from your competitors. Book promotion campaigns can work to your advantage when your book is excellent. If your book is anything less than that, then book promotion can wait.