Monday, May 12, 2008

Spreading Your Eggs Into Various Baskets

The key to success -- book promotion success, or any other kind of success -- is to spread your eggs into various baskets. Thinking "this is the one!" or "getting on this show will be the making of my book!" is a sure-fire way to disappoint yourself and sabotage your book promotion campaign.

Here's a case in point: authors who think that Google is the only search engine in town, and who are putting all their SEO (search engine optimization) eggs into Google's basket will be in for a hard landing (and a painful reality check) when the Next Big Thing in search engines comes along, and Google is out of the picture.

I just read an article on called "Where Does Google Go Next" that talked about employees fleeing Google, as they do all companies -- whereas, once upon a time, they probably had hoped that working at Google would be a lifetime appointment. The article points out that Google, too, is vulnerable to the shortcomings of all companies.

It's hard to think about the Great and Almight Google as a corporation, but that's all it is: an ordinary companies that has risen high and, one day, will hit the earth again. Signs of that are already visible. Imagine if Microsoft's offer to buy Yahoo really came to fruition? Good grief! How fast can you refocus your SEO efforts, when the need arises?

So, yes, optimizing your book Web site for Google is still the smart thing to do. But be ready for that to change. One day, in the forseeable future, gaining visibility for your book Web site will be focuses on a search engine other than Google. And authors and publishers who put all their digital eggs into Google's basket might find their book promotion campaign floundering because of that choice.