Friday, May 16, 2008

As a consequence of a book tour...

As a consequence of a book tour, there is now something singular and very much appreciated available on a decent current photo of William Shatner. Well, everything's relative.

Shatner's new book is called Up Till Now. He appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor," as part of his book tour, to promote it. You can reach the transcript of the interview online, in case you missed it.

Naturally, the interview revolves around the famous "Star Trek" feud. It turns out that Shatner and Nimoy did not instantly love each other, nor did everyone else in the "Star Trek" cast necessarily worship at Captain Kirk's shrine.

Big shock there, huh?

Seems that, even if you're William Shatner, you still have to pitch the "news hook" to producers if you want to promote your book, and then suffer the indignity of seeing the interview focus solely on that.


But, okay. At least we got a reasonably bearable new photo of William Shatner out of it. Beats watching those Priceline commericals.