Monday, April 12, 2010

An very interesting book promotion campaign.

All book promotion campaigns are interesting to book publicists, but there's one book publicity campaign that I'll be watching especially closely: the book promotion campaign for Kitty Kelley's new book. Kelley, as you've probably heard by now, has penned an unauthorized biography of Oprah. You can read about it here.

I'm not necessarily in Kelley's target audience. I've never bought a copy of the National Enquirer, for example, and I try to stick to biographies authorized by either the subjects themselves or their heirs.

However, I do believe that nearly all books worth writing (and publishing) are worth promoting. Therefore, it's tough for me, as a book publicist, to note that Kelley doesn't even have a remote chance of appearing on Oprah's show or any media outlets that might, in any way, be associated with Oprah (and, because Oprah Winfrey has so many friends and supporters in the media, that probably includes virtually all media outlets).

That's too bad, because an authorized Oprah biography would have generated a limitless book promotion campaign. Every media outlet on planet Earth would have competed for an opportunity to interview its author. As it is, Kitty Kelley will have to struggle for even the most modest book publicity opportunity.

Alas for Kelley, but on the other hand, how fortunate for the subject of her book. For once, the subject of an unauthorized autobiography is in a position to control its book promotion potential. Lucky Oprah, and I guess we won't be reading or hearing much about your unauthorized biography in the weeks, and months, ahead!