Friday, March 02, 2012

Is this book publicist seeing things?

Yes, I know my life is all about book promotion, and books, and promoting books, and publicizing books, and...well, yes, I confess. I'm all about books.

But am I seeing things?

I just came across an story titled: Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! Vote for your favorite movie.

Yes, I'm aware that several of Dr. Seuss's books have been turned into movie. I'm fond of several of them.

However, is it asking too much that we honor Dr. Seuss on his birthday by remembering his books before we jump to the next topic, film? Is it unreasonable to assume that Dr. Seuss, most of all, would want to be remembered as an author and illustrator?

To me, Dr. Seuss is the genius behind some of the best books that ever were, or ever will be. On his birthday, I want to re-read some of those.

See one of the films? Maybe...but not until I'm finished reading the books. Does that make me strange?

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