Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ricki Lake is back in book promotion game!

Remember Ricki Lake's old television talk show? Like most talk shows, it provided opportunities for various authors to provide their expertise to television and, of course, to publicize books they wrote. Book publicists, and everyone who promotes books, love to hear about upcoming book promotion opportunities, and here's one that this book publicist just came across: Ricki Lake's new television talk show is in the works. Here's the story.

As CNN's Marquee Blog says, the Oprah Show is leaving the airwaves, but Ricki Lake's new show may be launching. And with the unfortunate cancellation of two of ABC television's long-running soap operas, there will be even more open time on the television schedule. That means there will be additional air time, potentially, for talk shows that, of course, provide book promotion opportunities for authors. So, although I mourn the passing of the soap opera genre (face it: I've been hooked on soaps since before I started school, and I'd still watch them, if I had the time), I do appreciate that advent of new television talk shows and new book publicity opportunities for authors.

Time's change, but the benefits of television (and radio, too) shows for authors who want media attention are unchanged. A new television talk show means new book promotion opportunities. So I'll welcome Ricki Lake back with open arms...and I'm look forward to seeing other new television talk shows hitting the airwaves in the months ahead.

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