Thursday, June 22, 2006

Get Ready for Competition.

Do you feel as though there are already too many authors, and too many books, vying for the media's attention? Well, get ready for even more competition as time goes on.

According to a June 21, 2006 press release, Colin Knecht of the BookMark Self Publishing (which calls itself a "full-service publishing business") predicts that, in 20 years, 50% of the population will be published authors.

The press release doesn't define "population," so we don't know whether Knecht is referring to the population of a particular country (BookMark is based in Canada) or whether he's referring to the North American -- or perhaps the worldwide -- population.

Whatever "population" in this context means, Knecht is predicting that your future book promotion campaigns might be a lot trickier than your current one. So now's the time to learn the book promotion ropes, build media contacts, acquire interviewing skills, and learn how to maintain relationiships with producers and editors -- all so that, when other authors are scrambling to promote their books, you'll have the inside track to a successful book promotion campaign.

Lay the groundwork now to promote your books successfully, and you'll certainly reap the rewards later.

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