Sunday, December 04, 2005

Literary Nonfiction

We learn something new every day (even on Sundays), and "literary nonfiction" is my newly acquired phrase for the day. I was zooming around the blogosphere, and I stumbled upon Robin Rowland's blog entry of Saturday, December 03, 2005 in which he uses the word. For fun, I Googled the phrase and found that Robin hadn't invented it -- he was just tuned in enough to find it. In fact, ads from and appeared as part of my search, so that means both of those companies were aware of literary nonfiction as a genre.

Where has literary nonfiction been all my life?

I've been promoting nonfiction books for 15 years. How many of them were "literary nonfiction" titles? How many of them were just plain "nonfiction," and what's the difference, and who decides, and how, and is it possible to disagree? Hmm. If anyone knows what the rules are, give me a holler at

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