Thursday, June 19, 2008

Email addresses can offer book promotion opportunities, too.

Free email addresses provide yet another book promotion opportunity. If you can grab another mainstream email address that features your name (or your book title) without a lot of superfluous numbers, wouldn't you do so?

Well, at -- supposedly -- 3:00PM EST today, you'll get that chance.

Yahoo is unveiling two new email domains: Ymail and Rocketmail. So get there early (I'm assuming that "there" means, but I wouldn't swear to it), and sign up for the user name of your choice.

At least, getting one or two new email addresses that feature your name, or your book's name, is another low-pain, potentially high-gain, book promotion opportunity. And at best, you'll be preventing a competitor from "stealing" the name that could benefit you and your book promotion campaign.

So go for it. Check out this article, and then get ready to sign up for a new email account!

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