Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don Imus

Maybe it's just me, but if I were a national radio talk show host, I don't think I'd ever be moved to ask the question, "What color is he." In fact, I'm not a national talk show host -- I'm a book publicist -- and I can't imagine ever finding a reason, or a context, to ask that question.

Don Imus has done it again. You'd think that an employee who, once fired, would feel grateful to be given a second chance -- and you'd think he'd watch the words that spewed forth from his mouth a bit more carefully than most people. Alas; Don Imus is one employee who doesn't seem to learn. If you haven't heard the story by now, then click here.

Yes, I know that being on Don Imus's radio show represents a better-than-average book promotion opportunity. Yes, I know that an appearance on Don Imus's radio show can help sell books. Similarly, robbing a bank can net a person more money than working for a living. But I don't endorse bank robbery as an acceptable career choice, and I don't condone helping Don Imus stay on the air to insult, outrage, and antagonize his listeners. There are too many venues in this world to sell out to someone like Don Imus, no matter how many books an appearance on his show might sell.

This is one book publicist who won't be pitching the Don Imus Show any longer.

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