Thursday, August 10, 2006

Starbucks Perks Up Book Promotion Campaign

Starbucks, in affiliation with Hyperion Books, will feature Mitch Albom's latest novel, "For One More Day," in its coffee shops beginning in October (the book's publication date is September). Of course, the visibility in Starbucks' coffee shops will perk up the visibility of Albom's book. But here's the question: does Albom's book promotion campaign really need the boost?

I'm an Albom fan, and I would have found my way to his latest novel even without the efforts put forth by Hyperion and Starbucks. His new novel will get reviews and shelf space in bookstores.

But what about all the novelists whose works will never enjoy the visibility that Albom's books receive? Why doesn't a major force such as Starbucks step forward and offer to give a boost to the book promotion campaigns -- where that boosts could do the most good?

Yes, you can pitch your book to Starbucks even if you don't have a Hyperion Books behind you. But good luck getting Starbucks' attention. If you're an unknown author, you'll need luck.

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