Thursday, August 03, 2006

Self-Esteem Aids Book Promotion Effort

Typically, shy or modest authors are under-promoted authors. I like to tell authors to get excited about their work, and to convey that enthusiasm to the media, or to their in-house book publicist or independent book promotion specialist. Wax eloquent about your topic, and get let everyone know about how important it is and all that you can add to the public's understanding about it.

And now I have another piece of self-promotional advice for authors: call yourself a genius, and let the media know how similar your work is to that of Pulitzer Prize winners. It can only help your book promotion campaign.

That's what novelist Omar Tyree ("What They Want," published by Simon & Schuster) decided. According to an Associated Press article, Tyree is a literary genius whose work would be similar to that of Toni Morrison -- if only the public would buy such impressive books. As it is, he has to slum it as a novelist who produces sexy, gritty tales instead of the work that would Morrison herself would envy.

As excited as he is about his own potential greatness, Tyree certainly toots his self-promotional horn loudly enough to get the attention of the media, his book publicist, and his publishing company. Now the question is: would you buy Tyree's books?

I think I'll put them on my "look-see" list for next time I'm in a bookstore. Maybe -- just maybe -- they have potential.

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