Sunday, January 15, 2006

Online Newspapers vs. Real Newspapers

Some would say that a newspaper story isn't an actual newspaper story unless it appears in the "real" version of the newspaper. I disagree.

So would Adam Palmer, author of a 2001 book called Something About Nothing. You can read the story here.

A Wisconsin-based newspaper ran a story about Palmer. Someone posted a link to the story on, a Web site with a cult following. That link stayed active for two days, and 12,000 visitors clicked on it which was a book promotion coup for Palmer and his five-year-old book.

Now Something About Nothing is poised to receive even more publicity from other media outlets, and Palmer is hoping to see some good news on his next royalty statement -- and all because of some online book promotion that has no real-world counterpart.

I'm sold on the value of online-only newspaper articles. Are you?

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