Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's Now or Never -- NOT!

This has been a good morning for my clients, past and present. I just received a friendly email from an editor to let me know that an article I'd submitted to him a year ago was running in today's paper. I forwarded that email along to the person who'd written the article; that will be a nice surprise for a past client who undoubtedly didn't expect additional placements from the article submission campaign we conducted 12 months ago.

Similarly, I just scheduled a satellite radio network interview for another author. We'd pitched the story to this producer two months ago, and she just decided that this author would be a great addition to a particular show she's putting together.

The lesson is: never discount the staying-power of pitches (particularly, those that are emailed to editors and producers). Journalists really do file away story ideas in their "future" folders, and authors really do see the rewards of today's pitches . . . if not immediately, then perhaps up to a year later.

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