Friday, November 25, 2005

Book Publicity During the Holidays

Everyone in the media is on vacation, so why bother to pitch story ideas during November and December. The day after Thanksgiving is particularly a bad day for making phone calls to producers and editors since they'll all be at the mall scoring those "Black Friday" bargains.


Well, no. "Everyone" in the media isn't away for the holidays or out shopping. A lot of producers and editors aren't working, but newsrooms don't shut down completely. Those journalists who are working today and during the holiday season actually might have more time to hear your pitch since they're receiving fewer pitches. Publicists and authors, too, are taking vacation days, and that can provide an opportunity for you to have a real conversation with media decision-makers when they're under less pressure than usual. It will take more phone calls to reach someone, but keep trying until you do, if you have some free time around the holidays.

You can, of course, take time off from your publicity efforts and enjoy yourself during the holidays, if you so choose. But don't use the "I won't be able to reach anyone" or "No one else is working today" excuse. That just won't cut it . . . as you'll find out for yourself if you pick up the phone now and start to call the media.

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